Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Final post

As children grow older and become adolescents they begin to become more independent from their parents causing emotional problems for them. Adolescents begin to have different interests and when demanded something of them they expect an explanation why, fairness and mutual respect. Both the parent and adolescent being to have many problems due to the changes of interests in the adolescents, not only do they begin to disagree but they also begin to grow distant from one another. If the problems are handled in a not so great way, it will affect the adolescent emotionally. These problems are handled are by the communication and relationship the parent and child has before adolescence. If the parenting style is permissive then the adolescent will most likely always get it his way, if it is authoritarian then the adolescent will always be afraid of standing up for themselves and will always think he or she is wrong, while the authoritative parenting style allows the adolescent to see why their actions are right or wrong.

As the adolescent grows older, becomes an adult and moves out of the house the parents are effected emotionally as well. They feel a sense of loss and once their home is free of all their children they are left alone. They may become grandparents and begin to relive the years they did when their children came into their lives. Some grandparents don't like to be involved with the care of their grandchildren and others do. Those who do not have too much contact with their grandchildren become emotionally depressed in many cases and those who are involved in their lives are very happy. Those parents who become grandparents treat their grandchildren the way they were treated by their own grandparents, just like how children use the same parenting style they were raised with.

December 9-13

Divorce can happen to anyone, only if a couple has a strong central focus will they be able to pull through. If they both love each other and dedicate their time to trying to better the problems will divorce be a last resort. Both the couple and children are effected by divorce emotionally and financially. Children go through a lot of change because one of their parents wont be present in their lives as much as they used to and if the parent they are staying with decides to move homes they will also have to encounter a new city, friends, home and environment. It isn't recommend for children to experience too many changes in their lives after divorce, it gives them too much stress and even depression. If the child has a change of home, religion and friends they will begin to feel alone, especially if they move far away from their other family members living near by. Divorce is not a healthy way of solving problems within a marriage, it is expensive and it is unhealthy for the couple and children. Couples pay a lot of many to get the papers done for the divorce and since all the money goes to the divorce both the children and parent go through a tight budget and limited resources. The numbers for divorce has increased immensely and can only be expected to grow even more. Its become a trend within Americans. Children of divorced parents are at a risk of having a divorce of their own because they saw it in their own parents and see it as it being a solution to problems. Divorce is an unhealthy way of solving family difficulties.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

December 2-6

Some of the purposes of parenting are:
  • to socialize with your child
  • Learn to sacrifice
  • Develop selflessness
  • Provide discipline teaching
  • Guide your children
  • Confidence boost
  • Spirit of love in the home
  • Prepare our children for eternal life
  • To understand our Heavenly Father
As parents we should always love our children and let them know/feel that they are loved by their family and God. We must teach them to contribute in the home and we must learn to acknowledge their help. We must complement them on how they contribute in the home so that they don't feel unappreciated. As parents we need to teach them to have respect towards themselves and every individual in this world. Everything that is taught to children in their childhood will reflect upon them in their teen and adult years, so we must get enough teaching in their childhood years. If we teach them how to be responsible during childhood then they will make responsible choices in their future. Why? Because we taught them how to make choices. Always make sure to give your children choices, choices that you approve of and let them exercise their choice. They will learn by experiences and later will develop the capability of making good choices.

November 25-29

This week I found that fathers have the important role of being the providers, teachers, and protectors of the home. Many children love to feel their fathers love, since they are always away at work. Feeling their love is very important in the lives of children because that allows them to know that they are accepted, cared for and loved by their parent that isn't always present. A benefit from having the father work is letting the mother stay at home caring for their children. If fathers provide and work for the families it gives mothers the chance to be with the children at home. There are many studies that show how children benefit from having a parent at home than being cared for from other people. Many mothers benefit from staying at home with their children, it allows them to better know her kids, it grows a stronger relationship within the parent and child and it creates a vibe of love within the home. There are many different stay at home moms, some who receive their degree and stay home, there are those who do not have a degree but stay at home with their children and there are also mothers who do not stay at home and work a few hours a day. Mothers are a necessity in the family, if they need to work a few hours then that is fine, but always remember to come straight home to your children after.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

November 18-22

Communication is an essential part to a family, it is needed to have a healthy marriage and if not used well it can lead to misunderstandings. There are many different types of communication, facial expressions, symbols, words or a persons actions. Therefore, communication is used all the time, everyday. Since there are many different types of communication, people need feedback of what the person is trying to tell them because they might not always understand what they are saying. If a person doesn't understand what someone is trying to communicate with them then it can lead to the individual feeling offended or lost. One style of communication that is very unhealthy is using sarcasm. Sarcasm is a very corrupt way of using communication because it exaggerates what your trying to tell someone, which also leads to others feeling offended by it. Sometimes people are sarcastic by accident and end up feeling bad for themselves because their intentions aren't to make others feel offended. Communication needs to be used in a careful and wise way because it is an essential part of what makes up a family.

November 11-15

What is a family crisis? A family crisis is when family members encounter a huge change in their lives.this change can be either good or bad. Some family changes that cause stress and depression in a family is when someone dies, a divorce takes place or when a family member is diagnosed with a disease. Some examples of diseases that can impact a family is cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, or sickle cell anemia, many of these disease are lifelong and require the family members to care for the individual affected. The death of a family member is another major crisis that occurs within a family, leading to depression. Family members need to deal with the absence of individual who passed away making them have to grow accustomed to the new life. If a father is gone then the mother will need to go out into the workforce and provide for the children, causing the children to not see their mother as much as when the father was alive. There are many different family crisis and all of them affect every member in the family, one way or the other.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

November 4-8

     This week in class our teacher made a question, Who enjoys intimacy most? The answer is married couples do. We discussed the challenges and opportunities sexual intercourse can bring upon a married couples, for example some of the challenges are that either spouse comes home too tired, mad or stressed from problems at work. Some of the opportunities it gives to married couples is that it allows them to work together, feel supported, loved and protected. We acknowledged that woman are more emotionally attached to their spouse, while men are more physically attached. Woman like to be told they are loved and shown and men in the other hand like to be more physical. Beside sexual intercourse we also talked about the difference between "High Fidelity" and "Infidelity". Someone who is at a "High fidelity" level are true, loyal, pure, and give warmth to their spouse. When someone is at a "Infidelity" level they are vulnerable, sexting others, comforted by others, dishonest and most likely watch pornography. In order to keep satisfied within a married couple, you must be "one flesh, one heart." Be loyal to your spouse and make sure their needs are being met.